Short Film "Crossbow" (2017) post prodcution

Dir. Zach Lasry 

with Jake Weary, Jack Falahee, Karla Souza


Short Film "Nocturnally Yours" (2017)

Dir. David Ferino 

with Ellary Poterfeild, Adam Nee, Bonnie Aarons, Waymond Lee


TV Series "Crazy Love" (2017) post production

4 episdodes Dir. Jason Silva

1 episode Dir. Beth Dewey


Feature "Losing In Love" (2016)

Dir. Marty Papazian 

with Marina Benedict, Martin Papazian, Ronnie Gene Blevins


Short"Bakers" (2016)

Dir. Nate Hochstetler

with Zander Roberts


Short "Wildflowers" (2016)


Series "Hers & History" (2015)

Dir. Jamie P Hanson

with Lindsey Shaw, Mike Bailey, Nina Ljeti


Short "Emptied" (2015)

Dir. David Ferino

with Mackenzie Davis, Beck Bennett


Series "Her Story" (2015)

Dir. Sydney Freeland  

1 episode


Short "You Really Fucked Me Back There" (2014)

Dir. Adam Tomei

with Michael Connor, Adam Tomei